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Registered brand name ®EuroAcoustics was created 1999 by me for audiophile loudspeakers manufactured by Euro Acoustics Ltd in Finland.  ®EuroAcoustics has been many years an established symbol of uncompromising technical design for audiophiles. Unfortunately building loudspeakers that way was low volume high expense business, business-wise an impossible equation for me. That's why manufacturing was discontinued.

Immaterial rights like ®EuroAcoustics brand are in my sole possession. 

Unauthorised use of  ®EuroAcoustics brand is absolutely forbidden.

Seriously intrested in ®EuroAcoustics brand ?  Ok, please see my informal RFP.

I have a copy of historical web pages for your reference. 

DIY builders: You can build your own retro EA-140 speakers provided you already have some basic technical understanding about specifics of loudspeaker building.


Arto Jääskeläinen

Vantaa Finland

Wonder what on earth happened to "
euroacoustics dot com" ?  That domain was hi-jacked in a manner that would not be possible in Finland. I admit I did mistakes. I didn't get domain expiry warning since I had discarded my old spammed mail box and still another mistake: I just didn't remember to think of expiry. While I was busy with something else some "constructive" guy had in the mean time registered  the domain away and filled it with junk.  Oops. In Finland you could never register a domain which is a brand of someone else, it's called fraud in Finland.  Weird, that activity is allowed somewhere else.

That's not only strange thing which is deemed legal somewhere.  I can't see any point for accepting software patents. There is absolutely nothing unique, complicated, ingenious or sophisticated in software itself. At most a lot of work.  I can tell that out of solid experience (+ a bunch of IT certificates done).

A fixed form to contact me is here.

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