DIY:  Retro ™EuroAcoustics  EA-140

Material for DIY builders


I have some old inventory of parts useful for DIY projects.  You can build yourself even a pair of retro EA-140 or make your own model but a word of warning: That project is not for beginners. Some basic technical understanding is required to succeed. This not any kit with clear instructions but you must understand yourself exactly what to do with the parts !    That said a piece of cake for experienced loudspeaker builders.  

Excellent 3 KHz crossover boards with thick wire air core coils and polyester capacitors and a stack of second-grade empty speaker cabinets packed in EuroAcoustics carton boxes exist at my basement, see available colours. Good material for DIY but please notice those are heavy though.  Crossover boards 1½ kg (dimensions 270 x 150 mm), cabinets maybe 35 kg (77 lb) each. Woofer/tweeter holes/routings are for Scan Speak elements, tweeter location eccentric (left and right side loudspeaker designed as mirror image). Location Vantaa Finland, about 10 km from Helsinki international airport. Bids welcome, just drop a message to me for details.


Arto Jääskeläinen

Vantaa Finland

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