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Since 1999 we have been dedicated building exceptional loudspeakers for those who want "something different".     EuroAcoustics speakers are both unique and rare.

Our philosophy has always been building speakers which do not sound like ordinary speakers, which do not look like ordinary speakers and which do not perform like ordinary speakers.  That uncompromising design idea is reflected throughout, starting from strong mechanical design down to smallest electronic parts used inside our speakers.

Building speakers that way isn't cheap, it neither makes a mass product or a best-seller but the best thing:  You will get what you pay for.

Welcome to join the privileged people who enjoy on EuroAcoustics sound at home every day !


EA-140 high performance
                speaker (audiophile series) under anechoic chamber
                testing. (C) 1999 Euro Acoustics Oy Ltd.

EA-140 reviewed by independent TNT-Audio.
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Rave review for our speakers in "Rytmi" magazine.
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*** These loudspeakers are no more commercially available. Decade old EuroAcoustics brand name is property of Arto Jääskeläinen, Finland. Unauthorized use of our brand name is strictly forbidden.  Old web pages left alive for your reference. ***