EA-140 speakers fulfill promises in reviews



TNT-Audio is a well-known international web site for those people with burning interest in better sound reproduction --- also known as audiophiles. TNT-Audio is both independent and non-commercial which gives additional weight for their comments. You can read a complete review here, the link will take you to TNT-Audio. 


Rytmi magazine which is one of the oldest music magazines in Finland for music professionals has reviewed our speakers in the issue 3/2000.     Editorial team listened the speakers both at home and in a recording studio. Listeners were very pleased on reliable performance from our EA-140 speakers. Here comes a direct translation into English from Rytmi magazine:

"EuroAcoustics proved to be clear and precise in our test listening. I listened the speakers both under normal conditions (home) and near field in a studio. I paid attention especially how midrange was reproduced in an exact and controlled way. Bass didn't have a trace of boom and treble was reproduced with fidelity and effortlessness. Speakers are both analytical and at the same time non-tiring and easy to listen. Especially vocal and acoustic instrumental music work well with these speakers. I also liked the precision of stereo image and good resolution."