Prices and shipping 

The loudspeakers are manufactured as a symmetric stereo pair. The boxes are rather heavy, total shipping weight for a pair about 80 kg (176 pounds).   Naturally no local customs duties or taxes of the destination country are included when shipping outside of EU.  The price is per one stereo pair of speakers. All prices are subject to change without notice.

1.400 + about 200 for shipping (+ 308 for VAT if not a company):

  • All European Union, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, Channel Islands, Liechtenstein, San Marino
  • 1.400 + about 400 for shipping:

  • Continental USA, Canada, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico
  • 1.400 + 500...900 for shipping:

  • Other countries
  • 2.000 :

    Please contact sales if your country is not in the list above. Exact shipping price checked at the time of shipping and depends on shipping method selected by you.

    All loudspeakers will be shipped from EU / Finland. All prices are stated in euros (EUR, ). Value of one US dollar (USD) has recently been about 0.9 Euros (), for exact value please check from your bank.  For any questions on prices and shipping arrangements please send e-mail to sales or fax to +358-9-4173 301.

    You can view available colours here.