History Album 1999, some photos about very beginning of Euro Acoustics...

Natural Teak EA-140 TRC - The Real Crossover
I guess youd like to listen this one. With 1.400 Euros price tag plus shipping its maybe not for everyone but considering the performance and advanced design that price should not be obstacle for serious music listeners not to mention studios. 1.400 euros has recently been about the same as 1.500 USD. The heart of our speaker --- The Real Crossover (TRC). Air core coils wound from #18 wire, polyester capacitors, power resistors. Includes everything you can ask for: Equalization for woofer and tweeter, sensitivity matching, impedance smoothing. The finest crossover you can get.
Binding Post About 100 speakers Great Person
Two way binding posts and EuroAcoustics type plate behind the speaker.

Woofer and tweeter part can be separated here if needed by removing jumpers between the binding posts (bi-wired).

Boxes, boxes, boxes... total number about 100 pcs here. The boxes here have not yet get finishing touches.  

Mrs. Kwankaew Jaaskelainen

She designed the final appearance and colours of our speakers, checked all the speakers in a couple of days after carpenters had accomplished their work, organized printed carton boxes, ordered packaging, transport and shipping, traveled thousands of kilometers, list is endless...  Without her great effort the speakers would not be like they are now.