Some Frequently Asked Questions...   Latest update: January 13, 2003
1. Q: You have only one model -- is that enough ?
  A: We think it's a lot better to have one high performance model than many models with average performance.
2. Q: Are you an old company ?
  A: No, we are a new company without the load of old companies. That means we strive to use modern design and   structures in our products.
3. Q: How about performance ?
  A: High performance is extremely important for us. That is not just sales talk --- we really work hard for it. We do a lot measurements both by ourselves and by third party and all changes which have positive effect on measured results are also verified by listening tests.
4. Q: Bang for the buck ? 
  A: We believe our price/performance ratio is good.  We exactly speaking do not manufacture "cheap" speakers but the speakers we make are among the best performers you can buy with that money.
5. Q: You are Euro Acoustics but your boxes come from Thailand ??
  A: That is a great benefit for the buyer: We have 100 % European design for acoustics & electronics, elements and crossovers are installed in Finland, final testing, packing and shipping is done in Finland. Only the laborious woodwork is done in Thailand.  The result is high performance at affordable price --- the price of our EA-140 would be a lot higher if it were completely built in Europe.
6. Q: Subwoofer with your EA-140 model ?
  A: No problem at all.  While many listeners are pleased with EA-140 alone without any additional subwoofer it is not a replacement for a subwoofer; you need a subwoofer to get the full response down to 20 Hz. We however suggest to have a subwoofer where the crossover frequency can be selected low since EA-140 alone can produce high quality bass well down to below  40 Hz.
7. Q: May I ask more questions later ?
  A: Sure. Just click this More Questions  link  and we'll be most pleased to answer your questions.
8. Q: When can I order on-line ?  Is it secure enough ?
  A: We don't offer on-line ordering / credit card ordering any longer.   We offered that service three years but low usage rate does not justify it's maintenance expence.
9. How would you describe suitability of EA-140 for professional use ?
  EA-140 has been designed from the very beginning both professional and home use in mind.  Response and monitoring characteristics are reliable, stereo imaging excellent and resolution good. Itīs also a great idea to have EA-140 as a Second Reference speaker in a recording and mix down studio, quick check with EA-140 often reveals things that could have gone unnoticed to final mix. As a two way design EA-140 is easy to work with and as an extra bonus; although itīs not aimed to be any subwoofer you still get quickly good idea how much bottom you have in your sounds and mix since the still-audible bass response goes down to 23 Hz.  You really need to give EA-140 a try in your studio !  
10. Overkill for home theatre ?
  Not at all  ! Any good quality sound will be reproduced well and on the opposite any less than perfect sound will like it is. The task of EA-140 is not alter the sound but reproduce it as it is --- good or bad. That is true no matter which the signal source: CD, records, TV, satellite, home theatre,... up to you.
11. Is choice of amplifier critical ? How many watts per channel ?
  EA-140 is not very picky for amplifiers due to impedance smoothing circuit included in every speaker which results in rather controlled impedance across the frequency range. Impedance is  4 ohms at 1 kHz and the minimum is 2.5 ohms at 3.3 kHz. That should be piece of cake for all modern high performance amps.

Somewhere around 100 W per channel @ 4 ohms sound like a good match for EA-140 although anything between 30 - 200 W is usable. Bigger than that can be used with caution --- EA-140 is not a high power speaker but a high performance speaker !